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Waste4ME was established in 2010, when its founders participated in the Dutch Military Innovation Competition, with the idea of turning waste into gas to save diesel on compounds. Waste4ME was a finalist, did not win, but got follow up contracts to develop a robust waste to energy technology with co-financing and development from the Dutch military.

Initially, Waste4ME focused on decentralized waste management with local benefit. This solution-based approach made Waste4ME select a mature technology, adapt it and further develop it to the required robust solution that it offers now, the WER, certified in 2015.

The core technology of the WER is pyrolysis applied to turn waste into oil and gas. With new market developments, Waste4ME joined the Pyrolysis Cluster in 2016, to expand its business into chemical recycling. This enables WER users to process non-recyclable plastics and other materials into valuable input for chemical factories.

Currently, Waste4ME brings the WER to the Netherlands and thus proves business cases for chemical recycling of several materials. The Waste4ME founders focus on developing and deploying technologies that are both commercially and socially viable to improve the world and add value to what would otherwise be considered waste.

Waarom bij ons werken?

- You will work in a multidisciplinary team where your role is taking care of the legal aspect of the business case;
- You will have an investigative and advisory role in our company;
- You will be able to work in a start-up that develops alternatives to the current waste reduction systems;
- You will have the freedom to determine your own direction as long as it is output focused.