About us

De Koninklijke De Ruijter B.V. is part of the KraftHeinz Company and is one of the largest food companies in the world. In the Netherlands, KraftHeinz has a leading position in Food with top-A brands such as De Ruijter, Karvan Cévitam, Roosvicee, Venz, Wijko and of course with Heinz himself. Our success is determined by an ambitious and professional attitude. To be the best, we want the best: the best brands, the best ways of working and most importantly, the best people.

Why work for us

At KraftHeinz, we love to offer young people opportunities that they would not easily get elsewhere. This means that you quickly get a lot of freedom in what you are allowed to do. You will be included in the team as a full member and we would like to listen to your fresh view on everyday problems so that we can solve them. In addition, we believe that a good internship is an essential basis for your further career, so we handle this carefully and guide you well during this process. And because our organization is always on the move, you also have a great chance of a job!